Summer School on Geometry and Topology

 University of Hradec Králové (Czech Republic)

August 1—31, 2019








Yaroslav V. Bazaikin: Minkowski Functionals: Theory, Computation and Applications Lecture Notes

Ioannis Chrysikos: Dirac operators in geometry    Lecture Notes

Charalampos A. Evripidou: Lehmer's problem and Coxeter polynomials

Alexei Yu. Kotov: Introduction to Supergeometry Lecture Notes (Tensors), Lecture Notes (Superalgebra)

Curtis Porter: CR-geometry (canceled!)

Eivind Schneider: Differential invariants Lecture Notes
Timetable (may be changed!!!)

5.8.      8:30 (strictly!) Registration, solving formalities

11:00—12:30 C.A. Evripidou I
            13:30—15:00 I. Chrysikos I

6.8.      10:00—12:30 Chrysikos II, III

7.8.      10:00—12:30 Chrysikos IV, V


8.8.      Canceled (problem with electricity)


12.8.    09:00—10:30 E. Schneider I

13.8.    09:00—10:30 E. Schneider II
            10:45—12:15 C.A. Evripidou II

14.8.    09:00—   Talks by students:
09:00—09:25 Andrey Kotuma, Machine Learning
09:30—09:55 Klepikova Svetlana & Klepikov Pavel, Manifolds with metric connection with vectorial torsion
            10:00—10:25 Shabarkova Alexandra, One class of simple tournaments


19.8.    10:00—11:30 Ya.V. Bazaikin I
            11:45—13:15 A. Yu. Kotov I

20.8.    09:00—10:30 A. Yu. Kotov II
            10:45—12:15 Ya.V. Bazaikin II

21.8.    09:00—10:30 Ya.V. Bazaikin III
            10:45—12:15 A. Yu. Kotov III

22.8.    09:00—10:30 A. Yu. Kotov IV
            10:45—12:15 Ya.V. Bazaikin IV


26.8.    09:00—10:30 D.N. Oskorbin (Altai University)
            10:45—12:15 A. Yu. Kotov V

27.8.    09:00—10:30 A. Yu. Kotov VI
10:45--      Talks by students
10:45—11:10 Olena Atlasiuk, On inhomogeneous boundary-value problems in Sobolev spaces
11:15—11:40 Andrei Morozov, On Morse-Smale diffeomorphisms on surfaces with orientable heteroclinic
11:45—12:10 Liliya Minushkina On piecewise-smooth cycles of block-linear kinetic dynamical systems
12:15—12:35 Sabina Voronkova, About convergence of generalized harmonic series, depending on a ways of arranging the signs of its terms
12:40—13:05 Iurii Efremenko, On a surface diffusion flow          



Venue: UHK, Building S, Hradecká 1285, 500 03 Hradec Králové

Výsledek obrázku pro uhk prf

S2, S6: the first floor

From Main train station: buses 1,9,24 to the stop Fakultní nemocnice or buses 1,8,6 to the stop Heyrovského

From Palachov dormitory: buses 9,24 to the stop Fakultní nemocnice or bus 23 to the stop Heyrovského

Tickets are available in the bus for 25 CZK